Who Gets to Be a Veteran?

Military veterans are those who have served in any branch of a nation’s military and were released by the armed forces under anything but a dishonorable discharge. They also have had to land in foreign territory to provide support against an enemy of the country, whether that’s land, air, or water.

It seems simple enough, but there’s more to being a veteran than just serving in the army and not being dishonorably discharged. There are several different types of armed forces, and several different ways to become a veteran. All of these options can certainly get people confused when they try to do a military veteran search.

For example, the U.S. military does have the National Guard and the Reserve forces. While they mostly take care of local disturbances, rescues, and other problems at home, if they are federally deployed, complete their deployment and then are discharged, then they are qualified as veterans.

There are other types of discharges as well, where armed forces can be discharged under honorable, general, other than honorable, bad conduct, and dishonorable. The last two are the types of discharge that veterans want to avoid if they want to get veterans benefits.

military veteran search

If veterans served during combat and were injured, either during combat or training, then they can file a report for a service-connected disability. If approved, then they are considered a veteran because they were discharged due to an injury.

Combat veterans are men who have actually seen combat from enemy sources while in a combat zone. If they experience a skirmish or battle and survive, then they become combat veterans. This can make them eligible for medals and other honors due to their bravery under fire and actions on the battlefield.

It’s important that no matter how they became veterans, that they are respected and remembered. They certainly have some stories to tell.