What is Unconscious Bias?

Despite being told that we should never judge a book by its cover, that’s often what we end up doing with people we meet. Even if we don’t mean too, our minds automatically make some assessment about someone within seconds of us meeting them. We might see that someone has lower quality clothes and assume they are of a lower status than us, or we could see someone of different ethnicity, race, or religious creed and just form our own opinions on the type of person they are.

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Even if the bias isn’t true, it can still cause problems by influencing behavior. We might hear someone yelling in his house and assume he is a mean person when in reality we just caught that person on a bad day.

Unconscious bias is something most people don’t even know they have, but it’s also something that can be fixed and trained out of us. Mostly by repeating and reinforcing positive stereotypes to counter the bias. Associating words and images of success and strength with someone can be a major help, as it counters the unconscious bias by reinforcing the positive. That’s one of the things unconscious bias training Indianapolis can teach.

For example, let’s say you think a certain group of people are weak. All of them have no strength and couldn’t even punch their way out of a paper bag. In order to counter this bias, you’d probably be paired with a bunch of athletic members of that group. Repeatedly seeing members of the group that you thought were weak do strong things will help you associate strength with them. Do it enough times and the bias will be gone completely.

Once you have a handle on the unconscious bias, you’ll be a better person for it all, and will see people in a brand new positive light.